Dawn Of The Hero

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Location: Albany, NY.


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Kyle Pipino-Vocals/Guitar, Taylor Stinson-Guitars, Dave Greene-Bass/vocals, Neil Schider-Drums.

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Dawn Of The Hero


The world that we live in today is not the same as the one that existed 10 years ago. There is no longer I as there is "WE". The world is connected by means of the World Wide Web and advanced technology. Now that we are connected the world as a whole is in danger of corruption by our own hand. We will fight or will we fade? A New Era is upon us. Welcome To The New World Order.

Dawn Of The Hero is a 4 piece Metal Titan from Albany, NY that consist of Kyle Pipino(Vocals/7 String), Taylor Stinson(7 String), Dave Greene(5 String) and Zach Sacco(Drums/Percussion). DOTH started back in 2010 with the members at the driven age of 17, ready to try something new after an older project falling through. In April of that year the band illegally drove back and forth From New York to RQR Studios in Massachusetts to record their first EP "Our Vagrant Throne". Six Tracks of Diverse genre-bending metal that were destined to catch the eye of people around the world. Soon after the release the band went on a year long stretch of shows, press and tours. With the EP being spread upon metal blogs around the world and the band touring hard at home in the states, Dawn Of The Hero had built a DIY underground following the old fashioned way in a new generation; Word of mouth through the internet. While having craze reviews on metal sites and being featured on metalsucks.com, "Our Vagrant Throne" was met with great warmth.

In the summer of 2010, in the midst of the "Our Vagrant Throne" cycle, the band sat down and wrote 15 songs. Come November the band had secured studio time with Tim Lynch at The Recording Company to record a new EP. To start off 2011 the band began a 7 month process to record "The Last Stand". This new EP represented a more experimental, mature and more aware Dawn Of The Hero. Making a decision to push their more progressive elements and make people think about what the metal genres limits really are. It wasn't long before the band found themselves playing in front of significantly more people and playing bigger
shows. During this year and a half process there were many lineup changes that plagued the band. Despite this the band continued to constantly write new music and play shows around the northeast.

The band around the clock playing gigs and with so much material left, in less than six months DOTH began recording yet another effort. Finally after months of hard work, Dawn Of The Hero had recorded their most focused, hard-hitting effort now known as "A New Era". This third outing puts together the best ideas of the first two records and molds them into the definitive DOTH sound. From the hard hitting "Obelisk" to the progressive sounds of "Juggernaut". Lyrics that deal with personal issues such as drug use, contrast with the political and social observations of the current time in humanity. The band became praised for taking many different influences and molding them into their own distinct brand of music.

2 years. 3 EPs. Over 100 shows.

Dawn Of The Hero takes pride in their work ethic and wants to spread a message of positivity while taking the world by storm. Times are hard, and times will get even more so. But we are not ready to back down and to unite is all we have left. There is no stop to this machine.

We are here. We are alive. We are one. A New Era has arrived.

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