Of Eyes That See

Website: http://ofeyesthatsee.com

Location: Orange County, California


Alternative, Rock, Electronic


Tiffany Sinko, Nick Giordano, David Brockenborough, Eric Berumen

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Of Eyes That See



Whats This?


"Of Eyes That See" is a Southern California Rock / EDM band started by Tiffany Sinko in 2012 at 16 years old. Tiffany asked her cousin/drummer Nick Giordano to join and soon thereafter they asked Nick's long-time friend and bass player David Brockenborough (aka Scoop). Our guitarist is also a long time musician friend of Nick’s, Eric Berumen.
Each member feels called for life to create and play music for people of all backgrounds. The band writes songs about everyday real life infused with an element of hope.
"Of Eyes That See" lyrics are written by Tiffany and the band writes and records with producer and recording artist Joel Piper. Their material is mastered by Joel Bruyere, of the rock band "Thousand Foot Krutch." The band released their debut EP titled "Empty Shadows" in January, 2013. Of Eyes That See shares similar qualities to bands like Evanescence, Paramore, and 30 Seconds To Mars. Varying from hard and dark to strong and poppy, the band’s sound appeals to all genres with their universal sound and relatable lyrics.
Currently the band is writing and recording a full-length album that will include the same hard rock elements mixed with electronic dance music (EDM). Also in the works are several music videos featuring songs from this coming new album.
You can get the “Empty Shadows” EP from most all music outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play,
or stream it from Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Jango and more.

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