Artemis Gone


Location: Galt, Ca


Metal, Rock


Aradia, Sean Flynn, K.C. McQueen, Ashwin Prasad, Julian Vitaglione

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Artemis Gone


"Scrap metal." That's how guitar player Sean Flynn, only half jokingly, categorizes Artemis Gone when asked about genre. Drawing influence from a wide variety of styles from classic metal to nu-metal to rock and grunge; Artemis Gone pieces together the best aspects of various styles to create something all their own. What can you expect to hear from Artemis Gone? Powerhouse vocals, nightmarish screams, shredding solos, head banging breakdowns and bass that will give your vibrator a run for it's money.
Preparing for an upcoming release, Artemis Gone is hard at work in the studio and onstage. Vocalist Aradia says about the album, "It's the culmination of all of our [bandmates'] experiences. It's about taking risks, overcoming fears, moving on from things that are past and demolishing any obstacles in our way."
Born from the ashes of former bands, Artemis Gone is comprised of members with a long history of presence in central California; having shared the stage with Otep, Voltaire, Pearl, Stolen Babies, Droid, Wednesday 13 and more.
Having been with the band since the earliest days, drummer Ashwin Prasad infuses stylings from some of his greatest influences like Gojira and Lamb of God. Wielding the bass, KC McQueen is a multi-instrumentalist with a diverse background that includes years spent playing with his church and other projects. The band's newest addition is DJ Julian Vitaglione on keys, back up vocals and whatever the hell else seems fun at the time.
Breaking onto the scene at a full gallop in 2013, Artemis Gone is laying the hammer down and will not disappoint. Doing what they love and loving what they do, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more as they set Sacramento on fire.

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