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Frank Palangi

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2013 Battle Winner for UPROAR (Saratoga, NY)

“I have no plan b on backing down on my dreams.”

Frank Palangi lives by that saying with his career and it shines through his work. He fuels his own feeding frenzy of modern rock with a solid sound like any 1970's muscle car (that he hopes to own someday). His old school sense is a key part of his personally and way of life. At the core, he is a singer/songwriter with a gritty bass rock voice pouring his heart and soul into lyrics based on life experiences and subject matter. Portraying a positive image to his fans, it's fresh to see an artist who respects himself. It’s exciting to see he’s not afraid to take chances and living outside the box. From being a multi-instrumentalist and constantly writing and creating, his creativity, drive and passion to acheive his dreams is always growing. With a discography ranging from 4 demo records in Frank’s teen years to his current independent EP records (Frank Palangi EP, I Am Ready EP) and new singles that include “Hope”, "Falling too", Palangi fans know they can look forward to new material being developed. What could be the next step for Palangi???

"It has been a blessing. My music has a special connection with the fans who love it most. I've been told it’s helped them through hard times in their lives and that I have been a positive inspiration to them. I believe there are tough challenges in our of lives that we must face and being able for my music to have that effect, it’s all I could ask for out of it. The personal interaction with fans is so important to me, so I enjoy the stories I hear. Growing up, I dealt with childhood medical issues and learning to adapt and overcome challenges that somehow let me reroute illness into a strength and gave me the passion, determination and will not give up. ” Frank says.

Frank has worked making his way being independent artist with industry professional musicians and producers to push himself and grow. From members of Pillar (drummer Lester Estelle jr (Kelly Clarkson) and guitarist, producer Noah Henson), Michael McManus (Saving Abel, 12 Stones, Scott Stapp), Day of Fire, Full Devil Jacket, to producers Rob Coates (David Archuleta , Rich Redmond, Mark Wills, Traa Daniels), Rogers Masson (Marilyn Manson, Vintage Trouble) and recording in studios at Rivergate (Chris Henderson from 3 Doors Down), American Recordings, SoundStage in TN and more!

Palangi continues to create new buzz with a growing fan base sharing the stages across the North East U.S with regional and national acts from 3 Doors Down, Aaron Lewis (Staind), FUEL, TRAPT, Powerman 5000, Candlelight Red, Young Guns, HURT, HEDPE to Prospect Hill, Veer Union, Bad Axis, Jess Malin (Former D-Generation singer), Sirsy, Deluka, Silversyde, IM5, Weaving the Fate and including festivals like the UPROAR winning the 2013 Ernie Ball Saratoga, NY opening for Alice in Chains/Jane’s Addiction. Gaining national press with GuitarWorld, Revolver, Music Now, Young Celebrity, The Examiner,, and local Fox23 News, News Channel 13 (NY), Q103 radio, The Chronicle, Post Star, Spotlight News and more. Whether he is playing a restaurant or playing on stage, he consistently pours his soul into a truly energetic and enjoyable performance.

Palangi’s current singles that he produced include "Falling too" (coming Nov. 11th) and “Hope”. Hope he says, "It's not only a positive rock song but it's more because it's a message. I also wanted to give back to the fans for being supportive and release the track for free (on the sites that allow free downloads) and reach out to people with an uplifting message they could spread." Get your free download here

Produced by Rob Coates, his latest EP “I Am Ready” has brought that raw, solid sound out to the front. The single "I AM READY" received a nominated for an L.A Music Award in Fall 2013 for "BEST ROCK SINGLE". It attracts your attention, ambitions from the get go. The EP also features "FROZEN", the ballad single delivers a rock/pop feel, and "BOOHOO" with rock/country twists. No cookie cutter formula to fuzz about and keeps you listening. Download your copy here:

-New York’s very own is no longer beneath the radar screens with this latest EP entitled “I Am Ready.” (2013) - IndieShark Reviews

-"Frank’s natural talent and certifies that he can write songs that compete with the big boys of rock." Jamsphere Magazine.

HOW THINGS STARTED: Fate stepped in catching the ears of Grammy nominated band “Day Of Fire” while attending a local club performance in 2010 in Clifton Park, NY. Few days later, their producer Rogers Masson made contact with Frank and soon after began production on the debut “Frank Palangi EP” 2011. The sessions held in music center of the world, Nashville, TN. Rogers said, “This is the baddest rhythm section in the land, and along with the vocal guidance of singer Josh Brown (Full Devil Jacket), Frank’s songs are going to turn out amazing.” After a few months in the studio, the release was finished and mastered by Mult-Grammy Award winner Gavin Lurssen. Frank says "The album for me grew my sound into the place where it needed to be, steering it toward mainstream rock. I had so much fun going down to TN for my first time to the music mecca, meeting people and being absorbed in the culture. It gave me the platform to stand on my feet and begin flight."

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